Good Friday?


Today is called “Good Friday” but what we call good – was actually a very lousy day for Jesus and His followers. On this day the power hungry trumped up false charges against Jesus, and the popular rallied crowds against him to cry “crucify him!” Eventually, Pilate gave in and washed his hands of the whole mess – letting the evil minded have their way. The disciples were in shock. Jesus, the one to whom they pledged their lives was beaten, and hung naked before all. Then, there between two common criminals, he died while people mocked Him! The sky turned dark and the earth rumbled as the son of God gave up this life!

Good? What could possibly be good about that Friday? Nothing from that Friday’s perspective.

We’ve all had bad days. But this was the worst ever. All the hopes anddreams of the disciples died on that day!

Yet we look back and call this GOOD Friday…. Why? Because of what happened on Sunday!

Finding that tomb empty made all the difference to the disciples. They realized their wildest dreams had come true just after the most crushing defeat ever known to them. And because of that… it was a VERY GOOD FRIDAY!

Today we call it GOOD Friday because God, took the most evil day in history turned it to the most incredibly day ever! He took our must horrible hurts, habits, hangups and sins and because of the cross – turned our dark into light and our bad into good.

Because Jesus had a horrible Friday… we can say – its all GOOD!

Pastor Keith

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