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Genesis Kids & Youth


Genesis Kids and Youth

Did you know that 75% of the kids in today’s churches leave by age 18 never to return! We believe that God is giving Genesis a new model of kid’s ministry that will be different. We recognize that families play a very important role in helping children know God. Genesis wants to help you learn how to bring your children up in a way that connects them to God’s power and plan for their lives.

What to Expect at Children’s Church

As you enter the room you hear rockin’ music, you see kids milling about in fellowship with their friends and teachers, you smell homemade cookies or other treats, you feel the energy in the air, you can almost taste the kids’ excitement of being here, ready to worship God. You have entered Children’s Church at Genesis.

Kids learn differently these days and need “a lot less ‘yappening’ and a lot more happening!” That’s why Genesis strives to teach God’s word in a way that hits kids right where it counts. We are passionately committed to teaching kids in such a way that they “do life differently on Monday as a result of Sunday.

Children’s Outreach

Statistics show that kids who are involved in the mission of Jesus will be the ones who continue in their faith through college and on into adulthood. At Genesis there will be plenty of opportunity to join in the mission of Jesus. There will be outreach programs for elementary age kids and a Vacation Bible School Roadshow that takes the word of God out to our community. Early on they will learn how awesome it is to be used by God to touch other kids’ lives for Jesus.

Fun in church?

Children’s Church at Genesis includes rockin’ music, crafts, games, and lots of fun! That’s right…FUN in CHURCH! And all this is wrapped around a solid core of teaching God’s word in experience and power.

Genesis Kids and Youth

Would you like to know more about the Genesis Kids ministry? Want to get involved? Please contact Lisa via email