Currently Genesis meets at Sundays at 10AM at 921 Woodrow Ave. in Marion, Ohio. Go to the Speedway Gas Station on David St. Looking at the front of Speedway – the street to your right IS WOODROW!  Drive down Woodrow till you see the BRIGHT BLUE SIGNS

We also meet at various times throughout the city and county for life groups, teens & kids activities. A list of those are always available under the events tabs.

Seven Reasons You’ll Want to Visit Genesis

Brand New Start

Since Genesis is starting brand new – we’re all new. Not only is there a place for you here, there’s a chance for you to have a brand new start. At Genesis, you’ll discover a place where you are accepted and can develop and grow. Perhaps you went to church in the past but have fallen out of the habit? Or maybe you feel like you’ve made a huge mess of things in the past? Genesis is here to help you and give you the fresh start you’re looking for. What are you waiting for? Jump back in at Genesis!

Come As You Are

God is not impressed by fancy clothes – and neither are we. At Genesis you can come as you are. Whether you’re in dressed in jeans, shorts, or a suit, you’ll fit right in here. There’s no dress code or a need for a new wardrobe. You already have church clothes in your closet. So what are you waiting for? Visit us soon!

A Fun, Loving Children’s Ministry

Did you know that 75% of children leave most churches after age 18 and never return? At Genesis you’ll discover a children’s department that teaches the word of God in a fun, enriching way that offers a solid foundation that will keep your child connected to God long after he leaves home. It all starts in the nursery where your baby or toddler will be sung to, read to, and prayed for by a loving staff of trained volunteers who have been background checked. We also offer a rocking teen group that meets during the week for fun events, fellowship, and Bible study. This group teaches teens how to integrate what they hear in school with what the Bible says. Regardless of age, Genesis has a program that’s perfect for every member of the family!

A Worship Experience

Church is not boring at Genesis. The live worship band will have you on your feet singing along to contemporary songs, but the focus is so much more than music. Expect all of your senses to get involved videos and dramas too. Our goal is to have more than a service or show – we want an experience with God that is life changing! At Genesis, you’ll find the real power of Jesus Christ to heal, restore, forgive and energize your life!

Teaching That Is Relevant

We believe that God’s message is supposed to be clear and easy to understand. The Bible is our guidebook and is full of God’s wisdom for life, happiness, and purpose for living. At Genesis, the inspirational messages are relevant to your life and help you face the challenges of everyday living. You’ll find sound Biblical teachings on a variety of topics from parenting and relationships to prayer and finding your purpose in life. At Genesis there is real help for real life. Come see for yourself!

A Team You Can Be A Part Of

You matter to God and you matter to Genesis. God put you on this planet to accomplish incredible things – things so big that none of us can do on our own. Genesis is uniquely structured to help you discover your life purpose and to connect you with others who want to help you accomplish that purpose. At Genesis, you can be part of a team with lasting influence. Get connected today!

People Who Really Care

Ever been hurt in life? Perhaps in another church even? We can relate and so can Jesus. At the heart of our leadership core is a group of people who’ve experienced enough life to know just how much it can hurt at times. At Genesis we don’t just “say” we care – we have structured the entire church around what Jesus said is the most important thing we can do: love God and love others. You won’t find any perfect people at Genesis, but you will find real people who are healing along with people who want to help you heal. In need of a “4 a.m. Friend?” Genesis is ready to help!

These are just seven reasons you’ll want to check out Genesis. Once you get here you’ll find many more reasons to stay!

For more information on how you can get involved, please Email Us