Our Vision

What does Genesis believe as a church?

At Genesis we focus on the essential Biblical, Christian doctrinal statements that are found to be similar in all historical Christian movements. If you have one of the backgrounds mentioned above, you will find all of the historic, biblical beliefs here as well. If you come to Genesis with no other church background you will find a place that explains those historic biblical truths in a very up-to-date and exciting way.


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Start new with Genesis!

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The Essentials

At Genesis we say, “We have: in the essentials ‒ unity, in the non-essentials ‒ liberty, and in all things ‒ charity.”

So what are the essentials?

To keep things simple, we say that we have three basic beliefs:

  • The Bible is God’s word, teaching us to love Him and each other
  • Salvation comes only through Jesus Christ
  • The power of the Holy Spirit