Values & Beliefs

Simply put… we value Connecting, Growing & Serving.



God wants us to Connect to Him and others.


Growth changes us.


Saved people Serve

Our church has four basic classes that help you Connect, Grow and Serve. You may click on any of those words at the bottom for more details.


As a new church, Genesis is a new group of people from all walks of life meeting together for the first time. While some individuals come from Baptist, Nazarene, Assembly of God, Lutheran, Presbyterian, Brethren and Catholic backgrounds, Genesis is not formally connected to a particular denomination. In addition, many people at Genesis have no former religious background. Genesis is focused on the Bible and serving the Marion area. Therefore, Genesis is more of a “community” church rather than a “denominational” one.

We focus on the essential Biblical, Christian doctrinal statements that are found to be similar in all historical Christian movements. If you have one of the backgrounds mentioned above, you will find all of the historic, biblical beliefs here as well. If you come to Genesis with no other church background you will find a place that explains those historic biblical truths in a very up-to-date and exciting way.

Simply put we believe the Bible is the word of God, Salvation comes through Jesus Christ and in the power of the Holy Spirit.

If you want a more complete listing of beliefs and biblical references click here