What to Expect

What to wear?

Clothes. Seriously though… We don’t really worry about that. You might see our pastor wearing jeans or a tie! In the summer shorts are okay too! We just say wear something comfortable for you! You’ll fit right in!

Signs & Smiling Faces!

Visiting any new place can be a little challenging. We understand that. So, we’ve placed signs EVERYWHERE. When you first pull in you will be greeted by signs telling you were to go – and there are friendly people in the parking lot to greet you as well.

Just inside the door with the Welcome Sign, there is a welcome table where you can pick up some free literature – and a free gift bag with lots of goodies for every first time guest.

Got Kids? Great! Look for the huge children’s sign…. Beside it you will find a table where you can meet some of the kid’s leadership team and register your children for kids church.

You are welcome to stop by the refreshment table and chat over a free cup of coffee, or grab a free homemade snack from the table and head into the auditorium. Ushers and greeters are everywhere wearing green vests or a name tag so you’ll know who to ask if you need anything.


expect_mainUsually there will be about 3 or 4 songs, and you are welcome to sing along with the words on the screen as the live band plays. Join in as you feel. Some stand and sing, some sit and listen. Some clap along or raise their hands – others are quieter. We purposefully want you to feel free to experience the presence of God in a way that speaks to you!

You might see videos, special music, an interpretive dance team or even a hilarious drama. Usually we’ll spend about 30 – 40 mins looking at relevant teaching from the Bible for everyday life and you can follow along with fill-in-the-blanks in your bulletin.

Usually there is a time where buckets are passed and gifts are given. You don’t need to feel obligated to give anything. But if you drop in a connection card with your mailing address there’s a free gift in the mail to you! (Nobody will come by your house – we mail it.)

Kids will be released to the kids church during worship. You are welcome to walk with them or let them follow the leaders out. Either way, you’ll feel great knowing all of Genesis children’s workers are police background checked for the safety of our kids.

Got babies? Great… there’s a nursery just as you enter the main auditorium. (Hugh sign again) You are welcome to rock your baby and use it like a cry room. Or, there are loving individuals who will pray for your baby or toddler as they provide some great care.